22 Awesome Things

22 Awesome Things #22: The Eastmark AwesomeFest

So how exactly do we wrap-up our 22 Awesome Things to Celebrate at Eastmark countdown? We throw a party of course. Welcome to the first annual Eastmark AwesomeFest, a celebration of all things awesome! AwesomeFest reflects the spirit of Eastmark. This signature event will delight Eastmark residents and fans alike with unique, one-of-a-kind experiences. A feast for […]

22 Awesome Things #21: Unique Experiences

Unique experiences are awesome. No gift compares to the memories created from enjoying a special, one-of-a-kind experience with your family or friends. Go ahead. Think back on the special gifts you’ve received over the years. We bet those that rise to the top of your memory list are those gifts of experiences. You know the […]

Making Stuff is Awesome

Remember when you were a kid and you could spend hours playing in the mud making tunnels, rivers, and an entire city out of sand? Or using your Easy Bake Oven to whip up a miniature cake you could actually eat? In the 21st century, the culture of making stuff has gone high tech and […]

22 Awesome Things #19: Food

Have you ever caught yourself at lunch with friends, chatting about what you’re having for dinner that night? At Eastmark, we know that sometimes there is nothing better than sitting down with family or friends to enjoy a delicious, savory meal. Studies have shown that food can contribute to happiness – eating can actually make […]

22 Awesome Things #18: Spring

Awesome is a fresh start. An opportunity to renew ourselves. Our health. Our spirit. Or whatever is most important to you. Springtime: A road to renewal. March 20th marks the first day of spring. The air is sweet, the trees are budding, the wildflowers are blooming and the drizzle of rain is washing away the […]

22 Awesome Things #17: Getting Dirty Every Once in a While

You know you remember it. The joy that getting dirty brought you as a child. There were no cares or concerns about the consequences. Just innocent fun to splash and splatter, play and get dirty. Luckily for us adults, we can relive our childhood thrill of getting down and dirty at Tough Mudder. What exactly […]

22 Awesome Things #16: Music

Music, at its essence is what gives us memories. And the longer a song existed in our lives the more memories we have of it. -Stevie Wonder This morning, standing in line at the local coffee shop, I hear it. It’s one of my favorites. The instrumental intro followed by the opening lyrics: “They say […]

The Eastmark AwesomeFest is coming!

Eastmark is awesome, and we celebrate it! Please join us for the first annual Eastmark AwesomeFest, a celebration of all things awesome. The festivities are taking place on Saturday, April 18 from 5 to 10 pm at The Eastmark Great Park®.

22 Awesome Things #15: Laughing so hard nothing comes out

You know the moment. It’s one of the purest moments of joy in life. It’s that moment when you hear a child giggle so hard that nothing comes out. If you were the one that made that child laugh, it feels spectacular. Even better if you are laughing with them. It’s a moment that feels […]

22 Awesome Things #14: The Orange Monster

What’s large and twisted and orange all over? Only the most awesomely fun play structure ever created: The Orange Monster. Not your typical play structure, The Orange Monster is approximately ¾ acres – almost as long as a football field – with yard-upon-yard of bright orange steel piping, covered with braided rope netting. As if […]

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