Spring is AwesomeAwesome is a fresh start. An opportunity to renew ourselves. Our health. Our spirit. Or whatever is most important to you.

Springtime: A road to renewal.
March 20th marks the first day of spring. The air is sweet, the trees are budding, the wildflowers are blooming and the drizzle of rain is washing away the dust of another Arizona winter coming to an end.

Spring also marks the time of new beginnings.
Many use this seasonal trigger to set new intentions and to “spring clean” closets, de-clutter spaces, and focus on those things we’ve been putting.

Spring is a season of opportunity, growth and inspiration.
Use this beautiful time of the year to your advantage. Get outdoors and fill your lungs with the fresh air. Take in the smells and sounds of nature waking up.


Take the time for you to experience cleansing, renewal and commitment to relationships and personal aspirations. Focus on getting back to the basics. That may mean devoting time for prayer or meditation, setting intentions to rid selfish actions or bad habits, or being generous and grateful for all that you have.

Spring reminds us that we are invited to embark on a journey of joy. And there’s certainly lots to be joyful about in our community. Great neighbors. Beautiful landscapes. Exciting events and activities. The list goes on. Find your joy. And grab it.

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