Tough Mudder at Eastmark is AwesomeYou know you remember it. The joy that getting dirty brought you as a child. There were no cares or concerns about the consequences. Just innocent fun to splash and splatter, play and get dirty. Luckily for us adults, we can relive our childhood thrill of getting down and dirty at Tough Mudder.

What exactly is Tough Mudder?

It’s only the most wickedly awesome and rewarding team-oriented obstacle course designed to test your physical strength and endurance. What makes Tough Mudder unique is that it puts camaraderie over personal performance. It’s a team challenge that allows participants to experience exhilarating, world-class obstacles they won’t find anywhere else. In sum: it is the ultimate team builder. And Eastmark is hosting Arizona’s challenge again this year with two teams of participants too.

Join the Mudder nation. Registration is open for Tough Mudder Arizona, March 14 and 15:

If you think you’d have more fun watching from the sidelines, you can register to be a spectator. How’s that for awesome?

There are 20 obstacles – many new and improved – to conquer. Here’s a sample of what you can look forward to this year:

Mud Mile 2.0, updated in 2015 with waist-deep mud, double high entrance and exit mounds and completely vertical mud masses. This obstacle was our nemesis last year and is teamwork defined.

New in 2015, Beached Whale is a 12-foot tall, 18-foot deep, 30-foot wide inflatable monstrosity that requires Mudders to strategically form a human pyramid to reach its other side.

Also new in 2015 is The Liberator, which requires Mudders to conquer a 10-foot A-frame using pegs and rope. On the ascent, Mudders must crawl up a slanted wall placing pegs into slots along the structure.

Ready to get dirty? We are. Tough Mudder is an experience like no other. It will leave you with a feeling of pride, an experience of fun and stories that last a lifetime. See you in the mud.

Tough Mudder Arizona
Saturday and Sunday March 14 & 15 2015
NEC Ellsworth & Ray Roads
Mesa, AZ 85212

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