Awesome is- The Eastmark AwesomeFest (8)So how exactly do we wrap-up our 22 Awesome Things to Celebrate at Eastmark countdown? We throw a party of course. Welcome to the first annual Eastmark AwesomeFest, a celebration of all things awesome!

AwesomeFest reflects the spirit of Eastmark. This signature event will delight Eastmark residents and fans alike with unique, one-of-a-kind experiences. A feast for the senses, if you will.

At AwesomeFest, encounters await around every corner:

  • Feats – Truly awesome headliner acts
  • Beats – Music and dance on the main stage
  • Eats – Samples of the best of East Valley’s sweet and savory
  • Treats – Family-friendly interactive experiences

Just who are these truly awesome headliner acts?

Two Bit Circus lives at the intersection of technology and spectacle. Based in Los Angeles, their team of artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs develop spectacular productions to inspire, engage, and reinvent the way people play. Look for the circus tent and try your hand at the Laser Maze, Joust, Magic Mirror, and more!

The Austin Bike Zoo was born as a collaboration of collective imagination between bike-builders, puppet-makers, and performers. The ever-growing menagerie of giant, unique, hand-built creatures on bicycles includes butterflies and also an owl and a bat.

Flam Chen is a new circus and fire theater that merges daredevil acrobatics, pyrotechnics, and a mastery of light, air and fire. The dazzling public spectacle imbues the exhilaration of a symphony, the timeless beauty of opera and the raw physicality of sport.

The awesome doesn’t stop here. We’re adding Beats to the mix. True to Life: Bandeoke is taking Karaoke to a new level. Sing along with the band in front of all your friends. Foot Klan Arizona’s original hip hop dance troupe has been providing entertainment around the world for more than 20 years. ASU’s Priority Male A Capella, and CTS: Freedom Rock Experience will also showcase their talent on the event pavilion stage.

And just in case we don’t have your attention yet, you can get in on the action and test your skills at some awesome Treats like Water Walking Balls, Bungee Trampoline, and an Interactive Graffiti Wall to name a few.

There’s also Super Sonic Tech Cool, a mini street fair set within AwesomeFest that will highlight the latest inventions and innovations from East Valley companies such as Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport. And back by popular demand, Bonanza Educational Lego Build.

Are you ready? There’s no way to prepare. Say you were there.

The Eastmark AwesomeFest
Saturday, April 18
5 – 10pm
The Eastmark Great Park®