22 Awesome Things- LaughterYou know the moment. It’s one of the purest moments of joy in life. It’s that moment when you hear a child giggle so hard that nothing comes out.

If you were the one that made that child laugh, it feels spectacular. Even better if you are laughing with them. It’s a moment that feels dream-like, moving in slow motion so that you can easily recall all the details. It’s logged in your memory, creating a special story to share with friends and family for years to come.

At Eastmark, you know the making of something special is happening with giggles abound. Children and adults climb, roll, balance or hang on the Eastmark Orange Monster™ and it just happens – that uncontrollable laugh that comes from the depths your belly.

Life is short. Live it up. Enjoy the little things. Let go of the “to do” lists and experience a good laugh. Who knows, you may laugh so hard that you forget what you were worried about and get caught up in the good of this perfect moment. Children have got it down. We can all learn from them. Live in the moment, simply, and experience a good case of the giggles, uncontrollably.

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