22 Awesome Things #21: Unique Experiences

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Austin Bike Zoo AwesomeFest EastmarkUnique experiences are awesome. No gift compares to the memories created from enjoying a special, one-of-a-kind experience with your family or friends.

Go ahead. Think back on the special gifts you’ve received over the years. We bet those that rise to the top of your memory list are those gifts of experiences. You know the ones that allowed you to share a unique experience with your loved ones.

On April 18, Eastmark will host a one-night-only, one-of-a-kind experience. A celebration of all things awesome, the Eastmark AwesomeFest has it all: music, magic, delicious food and interactive fun.

Some of the AwesomeFest highlights include:

  • The Two Bit Circus Arcade Roadshow
  • Processions & Performances by the Austin Bike Zoo and Flam Chen
  • Innovations & Inventions from Super Sonic Tech Cool Showcases
  • A Wine and Beer Garden at Awesome Adult Time Island
  • The Valley’s Favorite Food Trucks
  • Live Music
  • Water Walking Balls
  • Bungee Trampoline

… And much more!

The Eastmark AwesomeFest is the perfect event to feast your senses, share unique encounters, and create lasting memories.

For one night only. The Eastmark Great Park. Say you were there. #EastmarkAwesomeFest

22-Awesome-Things--Animals-Featured-imageWhat else do you think is awesome? Check out our previous post – we think our four-legged friends are awesome.

Why 22 things? Learn more about the 22 Awesome Things series in our kick-off blog. And join us for The Eastmark AwesomeFest on April 18th!

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