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Eastmark’s 7 Home Builders Offer Diverse Floor Plans

DMB Associates Inc. prides itself in creating communities that offer a truly unique living experience. Special thought and care goes into each community that is built to ensure the residents enjoy the community they call their home. DMB Associates’ newest community, Eastmark, is yet another example of the beautiful communities that DMB stands by. Eastmark […]

Community Life at Eastmark

I grew up in a one red light town in south Georgia, not far from the coast and not close to much of anything. I went to the same school from first grade through graduation and got married in the same church where I was baptized. Like everyone, I navigated by landmarks. Good directions often […]

Eastmark – the next Great Place

What makes a great place? We know a great place when we see it, when we experience it, yet when asked to define those points of greatness we often draw a blank. The fact is great places simply defy explanation. Why is that? From my point of view, truly great places are seldom about one […]

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