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August 2017 | Related Categories: Resident News & Events

We know that Eastmark residents are just as serious about their overall health as they are about enjoying a vibrant and active lifestyle. It’s apparent when you see the hustle and bustle throughout the community of walkers, runners, cyclists, swimmers and a variety of health focused groups and clubs.

We also know that life can become hectic and time seems to fly which may cause some of us to overlook an important physical exam. Or perhaps you are new to the area and haven’t had a chance to find a physician.

Because we care about you and your health, we’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Wellspring, a mobile clinic which provides on-site comprehensive wellness assessments.

Now, you won’t even have to leave the neighborhood to receive important exams! And it’s all covered by insurance, meaning no co-pays at the time of visit.

Check out the types of assessments provided:

  • Allergy testing (62-panel comprehensive test)
  • Audiometry (hearing test that detects early hearing loss so that it can be addressed)
  • Body composition assessment (to help detect and prevent a multitude of health issues)
  • Diabetes screening that detects both pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Heart health study that accurately assess multiple heart functions
  • Lab service covering regular lab tests that predict early disease indicators
  • Pulmonary function testing that helps detect certain lung disorders
  • Vision screening that quickly and accurately detects vision issues
  • Imaging and ultrasound that visualizes images of all the major organs
  • Dermatology screen that looks over your skin for any possible abnormalities

How is this possible you might ask?

First, we as a community must show that there is a vested interest in this service. Please take a moment to complete an interest form, providing your name, email, phone number, and insurance provider. No commitment is required at this time.

A representative from Wellspring will contact you directly to obtain confidential information for insurance purposes and schedule an appointment for their site visit.

Wellspring is tentatively scheduled to be on site September 12 and 13, outside of The ‘Mark. Dates are subject to change depending on interest level.

Feel free to contact Wellspring directly 480-664-3840 and be sure to have your insurance card handy. Their team will confirm coverage so that your appointment is seamless.

There will be a $0 co-pay with all testing covered by your health insurance.

After scheduling you will receive a coupon within your care package to present at time of appointment.

Many of the illnesses and diseases we experience can be prevented and treated successfully by early detection, early intervention and lifestyle changes. We look forward to your taking this important step to good health!

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