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You have the chance to become part of an Eastmark legacy. Right in our own community is a very special place called Honors Park at Anitole Square, a commemorative space for neighbors to gather and honor all current and former service members. And it’s also place where you can leave your own personal mark within the community.

Through a 2016 initiative directed by the Eastmark Leadership Class 1, Honors Park was officially named and designated as an area to gather, celebrate, and recognize veterans and current service members who hold a special place in the hearts of Eastmark residents. Proceeds from the sale of personalized pavers supported the installation of a flag pole and American flag in the park, and the pavers were placed at the base of the flag pole. The space was officially dedicated during a Veterans Day ceremony that year.

Next time you’re out for a stroll or bike ride through the neighborhood, we invite you to swing by Honors Park at Anitole Square (located between Palladium Drive, Easton Lane and Simone Avenue, on the east side of Eastmark) and spend a few moments under the flag pole reading the special messages from neighbors commemorating loved ones and milestone events. Honors Park embodies the community bond that is uniquely Eastmark, and it’s a place where residents can really feel a sense of pride and ownership within the community.

Join the legacy! Now there’s an opportunity to build upon this legacy while also supporting a very worthy cause. In conjunction with the current Eastmark Cares campaign, residents can purchase personalized pavers with proceeds going directly to the professional training of a service dog for a local veteran through the Service Dog Fund. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Legacy Paver sales will run now through September 30.
  • There’s room for three, 15-character lines of inscription on each paver.
  • They’re $80 each and can be purchased online. Place your order today.
  • The pavers will be installed beneath the flagpole in Honors Park at Anitole Square by Veterans Day, November 11.

Here are a few reasons why Eastmark neighbors ordered their own Legacy Paver.

“We love being a part of Eastmark and the culture of the neighborhood. While trying to be a part of the community, we wanted to leave a landmark for what hopefully will be multiple generations of our family to remember the ‘Originals.’ The brick brings back memories when we first came here and how far our family has grown over the past few years.” ~ The Ong Family

“We looked at moving into Eastmark as adding a new chapter to family’s life book, and what better way to commemorate the start of our Eastmark experience than with a brick that will be around for as long as we will. Not only that, but we wanted to recognize our service members at the beautiful Honor’s Park at Anitole Square by being a part of the park. It was a no brainer for our family!” ~ The Williams Family

“When our family began, we always had a strong desire to live in a community that we could adopt for life. For years we had our eyes on Eastmark and when the day came that we made the leap to build a home here, we began to look for ways to feel like we were already there. Around the time we were building, we were made aware of the commemorative bricks being setup in Anitole Square, and knew it would be the perfect way to commemorate our ‘forever home.’ We pictured raising our two young children here, seeing them graduate, fall in love, start families of their own. We look forward to a time, many years from now, when we’re old (but still incredibly good looking!) knowing we can visit our brick in Anitole Square to remember all of the memories we made living in our wonderful community.” ~ The Van Rooy Family

“We moved to Eastmark in February 2014, we are in the group known as ‘Eastmark Originals.’ We wanted to commemorate our first home and pay respects to our service members, which also include family members.” ~ Schmidt Family

Need more info? Reach us at CommunityLife@Eastmark.com.

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