Two Eastmark teams take to the field in Mesa softball league

May 2017 | Related Categories: Community Life | News | Resident News & Events

What better way to bond with your neighbors than on the ball field, right? In fact, Eastmark is proud to be represented by not only one, but two neighborhood softball teams: The Orange Monsters and The Cruisers. (We dig the names!)

Eastmark’s own Melanie Thierjung-Laing launched the teams and since has watched friendships form and community pride thrive.

Breaking news: The Orange Monsters have made the season playoffs! The playoff games will be held on Friday, June 2 at the Skyline Ball Fields. Come on out and cheer on your neighbors.

Eastmark’s two co-ed teams play in Mesa’s recreational C-League. Mike Konrath coaches The Orange Monsters (who first took the mound in the Fall 2016 season), with Melanie on deck as the assistant coach. The Cruisers (who just started play in the Spring 2017 season) are headed up by Ryan Christian, with Gordon Lindner as the assistant coach. The Orange Monsters have a total of six gals and seven guys in the line-up, while the Cruisers have seven gals and eight guys on their roster.

And you don’t have to be at the pro-level to play. Some players have been in the game since they were young, and some have never played before, but together they’re swingin’ for the fences.

Did we mention it’s a great way to build friendships with your neighbors? On and off the field these neighbors are building lifelong bonds. You may catch The Orange Monsters and The Cruisers gathering at an Eastmark park or teammate’s house before or after the games, or even talking pregame strategy at local hang out spots Fat Willy’s, Cogburn’s, and Eastmark’s own Handlebar Diner. The teams also like to cap off the season with a special lunch for teammates and their families.

Softball is played year round in Mesa, with games played just down the road from Eastmark at the Skyline Ball Fields (on Crismon Road north of Southern). The Orange Monsters play their double headers on Friday nights, and Cruisers on Sunday nights.

Plus, you can catch them sporting their spiffy new shirts purchased with the support of team sponsors: The Eastmark Community Life Team, Elements Massage – Mesa Gateway, and Black Rock Coffee.

Think you might want to dust off your glove and join a team? Reach out to Melanie for the scoop on team availability and keep an eye on the weekly email updates or Eastmark Neighbors Facebook page for more program announcements.

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