Down the Block: Meet Loretta and Lou Cuoco

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The Eastmark community spirit is alive and well thanks to a collective set of awesome neighbors with distinct backgrounds, interests, and personalities. In our new Resident Profile series, we’ll get to know a little more about the wonderful residents who call Eastmark home.

12-2016-meet-resident-cuoco-blogMeet Loretta and Lou Cuoco. They officially moved from North Queens, New York to Mesa, Ariz. in June 2016, and so far they’re enjoying the dry heat, and a little extra space:

Where are you originally from and what brought you to Arizona?
Loretta: “We moved to Eastmark from North Queens, New York. We have longtime friends who live in Arizona so we visited the state several times for weddings and other gatherings. I was also an artist-in-residence at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, and while I was involved in an architecture immersion program, we started talking seriously about moving here. Lou was also nearing retirement, so it seemed like it was the right time and everything was coming together. The dry heat was also a big factor us.”

Why did you decide to make Eastmark your home?
Lou: “The potential for growth and development at Eastmark is incredible. We appreciate DMB’s commitment to really encouraging a community feel. The amenities at Eastmark, like the pool and The Bus Stop, create opportunities for neighbors to get out of their houses and meet one another. We also wanted more space than we had in New York. We love having extra room in our home for our interests and all the ‘stuff’ that goes along with them.”

In what area of Eastmark do you live?
Loretta: “We live in a Maracay home near Lumiere Garden.”

What is your background (career, family, etc.)?

Loretta: “We have one daughter, Dominique, who just finished her master’s degree in urban and regional planning and currently lives in New York City. She’ll be visiting us in November. I worked as a fashion illustrator and designer in New York City. I went to school at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and then taught at the Parsons School of Design for just under 30 years. I also taught in Paris every summer for seven years. I was fortunate to be able to teach illustration and design while simultaneously working in the fields. Since moving to Arizona, I have taught at the Art Institute of Phoenix and have been involved in the development of a fashion design program at ASU.”

Lou: “My career has been in the field of mental health, specifically working with patients who had severe and persistent mental illness. I was the Associate Director of Psychiatry at Bellevue Hospital in New York, I ran residential and rehabilitation services for an agency called The Bridge, and I was faculty at the Einstein School of Medicine where I taught research and clinical courses. I most recently worked with the New York City Department of Health and Medical Hygiene and was involved with integrating mental health into primary care. I also did private practice in psychotherapy and was on call for natural disaster emergency teams. After spending some time getting settled into our new home, I look forward to getting back into the mental health field in some capacity.”

What are your interests and hobbies?
Lou: “I enjoy playing the guitar, practicing yoga, and golfing.

Loretta: “I also enjoy yoga. I also recently took a mosaics class at the Mesa Arts Center and I loved it. I was able to incorporate the skills I learned in the course, as well as from a 3-D modeling program I studied at Taliesin West, to design the backyard in our new home.”

What do you think makes for a strong community and what characteristics do you value in a neighbor?
Lou: “It’s important for there to be common interests and values among neighbors, especially values around family and friendship. We value neighbors who show consideration and respect for those around them. It’s important for neighbors to care for one another.”

What’s your favorite Eastmark event? 

Loretta: “I really enjoy the First Friday Concerts. It’s such a gift to have live music under the stars, where you can bring or buy food, and spend time with your neighbors.”

Lou: “It’s wonderful that residents have the opportunity to attend the Eastmark board meetings and events like ‘Java with Giles.’ Residents can really stay informed on what’s going on in their community and how it impacts their lives and their pocketbooks.”

What’s an interesting fact your neighbors might not know about you?
Loretta: “I had the opportunity to work with so many different people in the fashion industry. I worked with Tim Gunn during my time at Parsons, and I also sat in on one of Isaac Mizrahi’s presentations while he was a student. During my final summer teaching in Paris, one of my students was Tom Ford (former creative director at Gucci).”

Do you have a fabulous neighbor you’d like to see featured in an upcoming Eastmark resident profile? Let us know at communitylife@eastmark.com.

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