Eastmark’s Cruiser Culture extended

Mark Skalny Copyright 2014

If you’ve visited Eastmark then you’ve seen the orange or white bikes. Neighbors are meeting neighbors, children are having fun getting out and exercising! Since the program started in 2014, Eastmark has given more than 500 custom cruisers to every household. The Cruiser Culture has not only become a favorite with residents, but has gained national attention recently as one of the hottest innovative amenities in all the US master planned communities!

Just this week it was announced to residents that the program will continue and more bikes will be distributed to those that are under contract this year! Residents were excited to hear this news after so many have asked “will we get one?”


Residents who purchased a new home in 2016 will be invited to claim their cruiser after the first of the year.

If you have questions about eligibility requirements for the Eastmark cruiser program, please contact the Community Life Team at CommunityLife@Eastmark.com.