Eastmark tops U.S. list as having one of the hottest innovative amenities

Eastmark’s amenities were just recently rated as one of the most innovative among other top-selling U.S. master planned communities! John Burns group released this list mentioning the Eastmark Orange Monster and Cruiser Culture. “During our survey of more than 270 master-planned communities for our annual ranking of the 50 top-selling communities, we discovered numerous jaw-dropping amenities.” John Burns Real Estate Consulting, LLC provides independent research and consulting services related to the US housing industry.

See the article here. 

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Designed by kids for kids, this unique climbing park is the ultimate urban playground. The Orange Monster is constructed of two tandem pipe sculptures connected with exercise and play netting that twists and turns up to nine feet and down to the ground for approximately ¾ acres – almost as long as a football field. For those not ready to tame the Monster, there is a playground with swing, slides and fitness challenges.

Cruiser Culture

The Eastmark Cruiser Culture movement was designed to help neighbors meet neighbors, children make friends, and families connect to our growing community. It’s just another way Eastmark comes to life. The last 2 years “Eastmark Originals” received custom Eastmark beach cruisers with every home purchase. Bikes were specially designed by Jim Decker, a local bike enthusiast and owner of Soul Beach Cruisers.