Climb, bike, swim, and play your way to fitness

September 2016 | Related Categories: Community Life | Resident News & Events

Conquer your fall fitness goals without ever leaving the ‘hood.

It’s not a dream. Gorgeous, 70-degree weather really is on its way, and we can’t wait. When the cooler air rolls in, it’s the perfect time to head outside, shake off the summer slump, and get active. So this fall, switch up your regular gym routine, and find your fitness groove right here in Eastmark.

Ready, set, go!


The cruiser culture is strong here. Whether you’re pedaling an official Eastmark cruiser or a two-wheeler of your choice, a bike ride along our community’s scenic tree-lined streets and pathways is a great way to burn the calories (and meet new neighbors!).


It’s not just for the kids. Scaling the cargo net at The Orange Monster is sure to give you a full body workout. Plus, scope out several of the residential parks (like Figueroa Green) for smaller-scale, but just as workout-worthy climbing structures.


Whoever said a workout can’t be fun? Grab some neighbors for a friendly game of football or soccer, or set up an obstacle course or boot camp circuit for a new challenge on the grass. Flying a kite or tossing a Frisbee will be sure to get you moving. And don’t forget the basketball hoops in the lots just east of ‘The Mark or inside at the Bus Stop.


Roll out the yoga mat and find your Zen on The Great Lawn at The Eastmark Great Park®. In fact, a personal yoga session (or alongside your neighbors) at any one of the parks throughout Eastmark is good for your heart rate and your peace of mind.


The 4,000-plus square foot pool at The ‘Mark is just the spot for a casual swim, water aerobics, or even shooting some hoops. The best part? It’s heated. So as summer fades to fall, the pool can still be your workout go-to.


Along the pathway on the west edge of The Eastmark Great Park® are a couple bright orange fitness structures you’ve got to try. While they could also double as nifty public art pieces, they’re really meant to tone your abs and upper body. Give the pull-up and dip structure or the torso bench a try – you’ll be feeling it the next day.


Lace up your sneakers and head out at your own pace. A walk, jog, or run throughout the neighborhood or along the lake, will have you hitting 10,000 steps in no time. Sure beats the treadmill!

Phew! Now that’s a work out. We can’t think of a more beautiful backdrop for exercise, so get out there and make Eastmark your fitness playground.

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Look for the pull-up and dip structure along the walking path on the west edge of The Eastmark Great Park®. Try out a few pull-ups, chin-ups, and suspended dips to strengthen and stretch your upper body.

09-2016-blog-fitness-5 09-2016-blog-fitness-4

Strengthen your core on the torso bench out along the walking path at The Eastmark Great Park®.

09-2016-blog-fitness-7 09-2016-blog-fitness-6

Hang on! The Orange Monster cargo net is perfect for a total body workout.

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