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Barraza Trade Co. Serves up Coffee and Community Each Wednesday at The ‘Mark. Swing by for a specialty drink and meet the owner, Andres Barraza.

Barraza Trade Co. is a family affair. Andres Barraza (right) and his dad, Mike (left), work side-by-side to serve up specialty coffee and non-caffeinated drinks during The Great Perk.

If you love coffee and you love supporting local businesses, be sure to plan a pit stop for java at The Great Perk during your Wednesday morning rush. Andres Barraza, owner of the Barraza Trade Co., sets up shop at The ‘Mark each week to serve up lattes, loose leaf teas, macchiatos, and much more.

This past week we stopped by for a chat (and a cool iced mocha!) and found out that family and community are key ingredients in Andres’ growing coffee and catering business.

Coffee means family for Andres. Even during his days growing up in Douglas, Ariz., there always seemed to be a fresh pot of coffee on the kitchen table. Now an official coffee importer and artisan roaster himself, Andres proudly runs the Barraza Trade Co. with his dad and young sons by his side.

But he wasn’t always working in the coffee biz. In fact, it was when he was a wildland firefighter working with the Mesa Hot Shots on a fire in New Mexico (a land of coffee lovers and endless espresso shots, he discovered) that the idea of importing coffee really came to life.

09-2016 coffee blog 1Andres now uses his coffee truck not only as an opportunity to bring top-notch imported coffee to the Valley, but also as a vehicle to support the community via a gathering spot for neighbors, a fundraising outlet for not-for-profit organizations, and a place to feature local artists, musicians, and food purveyors.

Andres sources his “shade grown” coffee beans from small estate farms in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Ethiopia (to name a few), where the coffee beans are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness. Shade grown coffee beans are harvested in a more traditional manner under a lush canopy of trees where little to no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are needed. The coffee beans can mature at a slower pace and pick up rich flavors from nearby crops, such as bananas.

Barraza Trade Co. beverages are all natural, and all delicious. Not only are there yummy java and tea concoctions to perk up your day, but Andres also mixes up agua frescas, fruit whips, and flavored milk. As we move into fall, look for new pumpkin-flavored drinks on the menu, along with sweet treats from local bakers.

You’ll find Andres and his coffee truck out at The ‘Mark every Wednesday from about 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., and he’ll be rocking with us at the Eastmark Fall First Friday Concert on Sept. 2.

Need a caterer for your own upcoming event? Reach out to Andres at Andres@BarrazaTradeCo.us to talk shop.

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