BikeLife Cities Recognizes Eastmark’s Let’s Ride Program

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Eastmark-Cruiser-Bike-with-Dog-in-BasketYou can almost hear the refrain of Queen’s I Want to Ride My Bicycle on the streets of Eastmark. Residents, new friends, are joining up on the streets to head into the Great Park on their shiny new Eastmark bicycles. A community designed for riding and walking to parks, schools and the community centre, Eastmark’s community life team took this planning to the next level by giving each of the Originals, the community’s first residents, a custom designed orange Eastmark bicycle.

Families arrived on a cloudy Saturday morning to see what kind of bicycle the team created for these first 500 residents. The reveal of the bright orange cruisers delighted the residents and Eastmark’s team. New owners proudly rode around the Eastmark Great Park and back into their own parks.

For DMB and for Eastmark, these bicycles are so much more than transportation – they represent a healthy lifestyle, exploration and most of all, FUN. Cycling as a family promotes not just connection, but healthier living together. Designed to be explored on foot and on bikes, Eastmark’s streets are narrower and bike friendly. Open walls don’t separate areas and block views, instead, bikers can always see what’s on the next block. And around every corner there’s another neighborhood park with seating and unique activities for adults and kids to enjoy. The themes and equipment, and terrain vary with each park and they’ve developed personalities already. Eastmark is a place for exploring the community and connecting with friends.

Talk about a bike-friendly community. Along with designing every neighborhood street to be bicycle and pedestrian friendly, Eastmark in Mesa’s East Valley is giving away cool orange cruiser bikes to new residents to inspire and encourage them to bike more.

Eastmark custom bikes were given away to new community residents At their inaugural “Let’s Ride, Eastmark!” event, 200 lucky residents received a custom-designed cruiser from local designer and cycling enthusiast Jim Decker, owner of Soul Beach Cruisers in Tempe. Only 400 of the limited-edition bikes will be produced.

“The real joy I saw in the faces of residents as they received their bikes was amazing,” says Decker. “Eastmark is really innovative in terms of offering their community that connection through cycling and a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

Residents are contacting their neighbors and going out on rides. It’s exactly what we wanted to see happen.”

Read the full article in BikeLife Cities or learn more about this great bike-friendly community at Eastmark.com.

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