Eastmark Entry_smallerThis past week, Arizona won the economic development Super Bowl. A month of exciting events around the Valley culminated in a huge announcement that one of the world’s most innovative companies would be investing in Arizona.

Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey stood with state and local leaders to make the announcement that Apple will expand its investment and commitment at Eastmark, DMB’s community in Mesa, Arizona. The company make this facility one of their leading global command centers and will operate a data center from that location. Their investment will create more than 150 permanent jobs and Apple expects to continue to have hundreds of contractors working to make on-going improvements in technology for the data center.

Apple, an international leader in technology, will invest more than $2 billion in the coming 10 years in a global command center at DMB’s Eastmark community. The facility will be retrofit from its manufacturing operations and be used as a data center and command center for operations.

In addition, Apple has committed to make the facility sustainable using solar power, and other sustainable resources to meet their goals.

This is one of the largest investments that Apple has made in the United States. Apple’s 30-year commitment to our state will bring hundreds of high quality jobs to the area. They have solidified the vision for Eastmark as a vital economic engine for the Southeast Valley.

This investment by Apple, creating new jobs and economic prosperity for our community, again signals that Arizona is open for business! Eastmark looks forward to adding other high quality employers to this community in the future.

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