Happy New YearNew Year, new you!

At Eastmark, we value health and connection. If you ask us, there is no better time for committing to your plan for a happy and healthy 2015 than the start of a new year.

A story in health.com compiled a list of the 10 healthiest New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a great list, and we think that five of them are especially awesome:

1. Lose weight. Exercise More. In addition to eating better, finding new ways to make your workout routine fun will help you stick to this resolution. Get outside and go for a jog on a new running path, exercise in your neighborhood park or go for a hike with a friend. Ride your bike instead of driving to work one day this week. There are plenty of ways to mix up your routine and make exercise something that you look forward to.

2. Stay in touch. In your busy day-to-day life, it can be hard to stay connected with your friends, family, and neighbors. Technology provides more ways to stay in touch than ever before! The parks and events offered at Eastmark make it easy to visit with friends and neighbors. Make an effort to regularly connect with those you care about – phone calls, Skype dates, play dates, or even a handwritten letter!

3. Volunteer. One of the best ways to find happiness is by helping to improve the lives of others. Find an organization that’s close to your heart and dedicate some regular time to gett involved.

4. Go back to school. Lifelong learning is awesome. No matter your age, finding ways to get back into the classroom is a great way to boost your brainpower, your career, and make new friends.

5. Travel. Resolve to have some fun travel adventures in 2015. It’s a great way to get replenished and rejuvenated – the benefits of travel last long after you return and your suitcases have been put away.

We love resolutions that center around being more happy and healthy.

This year, stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Keep them manageable and realistic for your busy lifestyle – that way you won’t find yourself cheating once February rolls around.

Tell us – what are your resolutions for the New Year? The possibilities are endless. And we think that’s pretty awesome.

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