22 Awesome Things - Hitting all Green LightsYou know the feeling. You’re about to be late for work, so every precious second counts. You start your car, back out of the driveway and know that only a series of 12 stop lights lie between you and your final destination. On a bad day, three of those large intersection lights can eat up two minutes each. On a really bad day, all lights combined can add 20 minutes to your drive time. You know. You’ve timed it.

You grip your steering wheel as you tentatively approach the first light out the gate. It’s a new light to your commute and you haven’t quite figured out the timing yet. You get a green signal 300 feet prior and continue to cruise smoothly. As you approach light number two, you are again generously met with a beautiful green glow. Heck, you didn’t even have to break your current speed.

With some sheer stroke of luck, you meet up with lights three through nine; they all give you the “green equals go” nod and keep you swiftly moving along your way. You’re actually starting to get excited. You may have gained five minutes today.

Light number ten is the tricky one. You tighten your grip and prepare to break. Just as you ease down, the light flips to green and you pick back up without a hitch. With eight minutes to spare, you clear the last two lights – a piece of cake! – and roll into the parking lot with your head held high, and your step just a little lighter. Indeed, today is your lucky day.

The Eastmark community is developing remarkably fast. Soon, you will see new stoplights and traffic patterns on Ray Road and Signal Butte, as well as roads leading to new areas south of Ray. While no one particularly enjoys stopping for red lights, these are great indicators of progress at Eastmark to maintain the safety and connectivity of our unique community as it grows.

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