22 Awesome Things Cruiser CultureI was six years old when I learned to ride a bike. On a Sunday afternoon on the long sloping hill of my grandmother’s backyard, I straddled a rickety bicycle twice my size. My Daddy (yes, that’s what I called him) steadied me and gave a swift shove and away I went – wheels wobbling, heart thumping and miraculously upright.

What I remember most about that day is the sheer joy I felt. I had accomplished one of the most important rites of passage a kid has. I could ride a bike! I was part of an elite society that no longer depended on training wheels or parent supervision. I was free.

Chances are you have a similar story. And even if you don’t recall exactly how or when it happened, I bet you remember how you felt.

Bikes have an amazing way of putting us in touch with our childhood. They remind us how to play and why it’s important. They give us a reason to go outside, get a little exercise and enjoy some fresh air. They are vehicles for social interaction. When we ride a bike, we always see a neighbor or two. And who doesn’t love a good old fashioned pedal with friends? Let’s face it. Bikes are just plain awesome.

Given how awesome riding a bike is, next Saturday residents of Eastmark will receive a special gift – a custom-designed bike. It’s our personal invitation to you to be a part of the Eastmark Cruiser Culture. There is no initiation fee and no strings attached. Think of it as our very own happiness movement where the only requirement is to have fun with neighbors and friends.

Let’s ride!

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Suzanne Walden-Wells

Suzanne Walden-Wells is the Director of Community Life at Eastmark, the heart and hub of the East Valley and DMB Associates’ newest community. Suzanne and her team are responsible for crafting authentic experiences that make life at Eastmark fresh and engaging.