22 Awesome Things - Holiday TravelIf you ask us, nothing is more thrilling than picking a destination, packing your bags, and jumping on a jet for adventures unknown. And if business travel is your gig, nothing is more important than the ability to conveniently fly in and out for business meetings.

For Eastmark residents, the excitement and ease of travel is five minutes from their front door.

Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport is just a few miles west of Eastmark. The site of Williams Air Force Base from 1941 to 1993, the airport has evolved into a regional travel hub offering flights to more than 30 destinations around the United States.

Check out the full list of Airlines and Destinations.

If hitting the slopes satisfies your sense of adventure, pack your skis and your boards and grab a flight to Telluride, Colo., Bozeman, Montana or Bellingham, Washington.

And of course if business or pleasure takes you to Las Vegas, Nevada or San Francisco, California you can easily get there, too.

Another bonus of living close to a regional airport – flights to locations across the pacific- and mid-west like Springfield, Missouri, Rapid City, South Dakota, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, offering the perfect escape to for your family back home to visit beautiful Arizona during the long, cold, winters.

An added bonus? Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport was recently named the 2nd cheapest airport to fly out of in the nation according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

While there’s no place like home – especially if your home is in Eastmark – getting out of town for a few days and experiencing a new place is, well, pretty awesome.

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