22 Awesome Things: Holiday TraditionsIt’s here! Thanksgiving kicks-off the happiest time of the year, otherwise known as “The Holidays.” What makes this time of year so awesome? In a word, tradition.

As families, communities, and a nation as a whole, we celebrate many traditions throughout the year. But come November and December, something just makes this time of year particularly magical. Maybe it’s the smell of home-cooked holiday meals, or shopping for that perfect gift for a loved one, or simply the chill in the air that tells you it’s finally time to break out your favorite winter sweater.

Thanksgiving Day alone has many traditions. You may enjoy the tradition of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV as you begin the day-long preparation of your Thanksgiving dinner. Each family puts their unique spin on a Thanksgiving meal with recipes and side dishes special to them. After all, it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Grandma’s pumpkin pie.

For others, it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without football. Eastmark is home to numerous football fans. In fact, a group of Eastmark Originals — the first neighbors to call Eastmark home — are beginning a new tradition this year with a morning Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl played in the Figueroa Green neighborhood park.

And that just might be the most awesome thing about tradition: You can always start a new one. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Will you be starting any new traditions this year?

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