Orange MonsterCooler days and nights means more time in the parks at Eastmark. Just in time for fall fun, Eastmark has opened another four acres of The Eastmark Great Park and recently debuted the Orange Monster.

Months ago, Eastmark’s development team hosted a focus group with kids to learn what they wanted most in a community park. They responded with creative ideas about swings, climbing, adventure, and imagination. Based on their feedback, the designers created something totally new in the East Valley, and totally cool for families – the Orange Monster.

This play sculpture stands more than 9 feet tall and stretches out over a half acre. Two orange pipes connect with play netting for climbers of all ages to explore. The twists and turns challenge explorers and it’s the never the same adventure twice. It’s fun and fitness combined!

The Eastmark Great Park new additions and the Orange Monster are city of Mesa parks and open to all citizens. As Eastmark continues to grow, new phases of the city park will be developed and opened to the public.

In addition to the brand new play structure, there are new public restrooms located close to the Orange Monster. The restrooms are open during park hours only and they are maintained by the City of Mesa as part of the city park operations.