“Awesome” is a word we use a lot around Eastmark.

22 Awesome ThingsA lot of us will say it when referring to the “big things” in our lives – the excitement of a major business opportunity that suddenly cropped up, the anticipation of moving into a brand new house, or the joy of celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary. There’s no denying each of these events is truly awesome! 

But at Eastmark, we like to remember there’s just as much awesome in the small stuff. Whether pausing to enjoy a beautiful desert sunset or taking time out to share gooey, fresh-out-the-oven cookies with our loved ones – these everyday moments are awesome, too. These are the “little things” that keep us thriving, and they deserve celebration.

That’s why we want to ask … What’s awesome to you?

We’d like to pose this question to the Eastmark community and highlight a different response each week, for the next 22 weeks. Tell us what you think is awesome!

Now you might be wondering …

Well for starters, it’s a number that’s important to our DNA. Many of the streets at Eastmark are designed to be set at a 22-degree shift off the conventional grid throughout the community – to make sure our views of the Superstition Mountains can’t be missed. The first example is Point Twenty-Two Boulevard and the neighborhood streets now in development in Eastmark’s second phase. This 22-degree street angle helps with solar orientation and optimizes shading on the sides of our homes and buildings – all benefits we think are pretty awesome.

Another reason for the 22 weeks is that it’s a countdown. There’s something awesome waiting for all of us on the other side of all of this awesome. So what are you waiting for? The sooner you start, the sooner we’ll get there …