Tough Mudder – One Mudder’s Story

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This recap of the Tough Mudder event was written by one of Eastmark’s Tough Mudders:

Sure, Tough Mudder at EastmarkThere are 10 tons of mud to slog through, one million walls to get over, cliffs to jump from and of course, 10 thousand volts of electricity to be shocked by. It is also one of the best opportunities to build lasting friendships, camaraderie and respect for your friends, spouse or, in my case co-workers.

If you want to get to know someone, run a Tough Mudder with them. I learned so much about my coworkers. Of course we had the rock stars who exude toughness every day, but our team also enjoyed the quiet spirits of people who you wouldn’t expect to be such Tough Mudders. In an obstacle called The Mud Mile, or “the great equalizer,” each member of the team had to help each other in, over and through 9 mud filled trenches. The smallest members of our team were as instrumental as the biggest, boosting people twice their size or dragging their teammates out of the trenches.

I am a Tough Mudder Legionnaire, meaning I have been through a Tough Mudder before, but this year I really felt the team spirit! On our 18-person team there were Mudders of all skill levels but everyone was there for the team. We helped each other, waited for each other and even carried each other. There was never and obstacle where I didn’t have someone or everyone cheering me on and encouraging me.

In the end, I felt close to everyone and so proud and impressed with my friends and co-workers. I am so grateful to have been literally dragged through the mud with this amazing group of people!

See all team photos of the event on Facebook:

Go Team Eastmark!

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