On February 23rd and 24th, 7,500 Tough Mudders were joined by more than 2,500 spectators who gathered for one of the Valley’s most exciting events – Arizona’s second Tough Mudder. This nationally renowned endurance event attracts thousands of athletes (and aspiring athletes) for a race like no other.

In 2012, Tough Mudder selected Eastmark in Mesa, Arizona for its first Arizona event, and has since confirmed a 5-year agreement making Eastmark Arizona’s Tough Mudder venue through 2017.

According to event registrations, participants travelled from a number of cities around Arizona, as well as San Diego, Reno and Las Cruses. These registrations create a direct economic impact through entry fees, merchandise and food/beverage purchases. In addition, visitors stay in local hotels, dine in local restaurants, buy gas, food, sunscreen and so much more! They travel through Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and can catch a glimpse of all that the East Valley and Mesa have to offer its valued tourists.

Tough Mudders’ event management team spends tens of thousands of dollars in the local economy. They rent tents, tables, equipment and they hire contractors to build their obstacle courses. The operation engages hundreds of people and a range of companies to deliver this spectacle.

The vast economic impact of events like Tough Mudder ripples throughout our local economy through indirect multipliers. These additional state and local tax dollars support our parks, libraries and roads.

Eastmark’s Tough Mudder Team

In addition to the sales tax revenue, Tough Mudder invests some of their proceeds back into our local community through their partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project. Through their national partnership with this nonprofit, Tough Mudder makes direct contributions to Wounded Warrior and encourages event participants to contribute as well. Eastmark donated their revenue from the event to Mesa United Way to support a myriad of community initiatives around the East Valley.

Events like this also bring prestige to our Valley. Popular events like Scottsdale’s Barrett Jackson car auction, the Waste Management Phoenix Open, and various Spring Training events signal to tourists and residents that Arizona is a great place to vacation and to live.

For more information about Tough Mudder at Eastmark or to learn more about the developing Eastmark community, visit www.eastmark.com.