Community Governance

There’s a magical formula at DMB to encourage a flourishing community life. Create energy and human connection. This has been the primary focus for the development of Eastmark; it’s an approach DMB has practiced for nearly three decades at communities throughout Arizona.

There are three nonprofit entities in place to make sure the tradition for success continues at Eastmark. The organizations are distinct yet complementary, each with the goal to keep the lifestyle experience at its best. They are Eastmark Community Alliance, Inc., (Alliance), Eastmark Residential Association, Inc. (Residential Association), and Eastmark Community Assembly, Inc., (Assembly).

Governance Packages

Disclosures for City of Mesa Fees and Special Assessments at Eastmark. Visit the City of Mesa for more in-depth information about Eastmark CFD.

Eastmark Community Alliance, Inc.
The Alliance preserves Eastmark’s special commercial community landscapes and public settings, ensuring high-quality standards are maintained.

Eastmark Residential Association, Inc. 
The Residential Association preserves Eastmark’s special residential community landscapes and unique neighborhood settings, ensuring high-quality standards are maintained.

Eastmark Community Assembly, Inc. 
The Assembly fosters unique and outstanding opportunities for social and civic engagement. It works to create shared experiences and lasting traditions among Eastmark residents.

Community Standards & Design Review
Eastmark’s Community Standards and Design Guidelines protect our community’s unique vision and goals.