The Mark of Something Special™

More than a place to live, Eastmark is a community built on rich connections and creativity. It’s also a place to evolve. Eastmark is defined by its diverse residents who work together to co-create this special place where neighbors not only know each other, but are personally and emotionally connected to each other and to our community. Living here truly is “the mark of something special.”

Meet the Self Family – a large family, beautifully blended with biological and adopted children. They chose Eastmark for the opportunity for more family time.

Let’s Ride, Eastmark!

Designed to encourage connection and interaction outdoors, the neighborhood streets in Eastmark are bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly. That’s right, our neighborhood streets are intentionally designed to slow vehicle traffic and to allow cyclists to safely enjoy their ride.

At Eastmark, we place a premium on our Cruiser Culture. It is the way we do community. Active. Healthy. Connected. So much so that we’ve made an important investment in our newest neighbors. Since 2014, Eastmark has provided residents who have purchased a new home from one of our builders, a complementary, custom-designed Eastmark cruiser.* The household cruiser tradition is one we hope to continue.

Just announced, the program has been extended to residents under contract through December 31, 2016! 

*Eastmark’s Bike Program currently does not apply to the Encore Neighborhood.

Watch the video about these one-of-a-kind bikes built just for Eastmark.

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